Oliver D. Smith (classicist & bookbinder)

I have an A-Level and BA (Hons) in Classical Civilisation from National Extension College and Roehampton University; currently studying for a PG Cert in Humanities and MA in Classical Studies from Open University. I wrote my BA dissertation on Plato's Atlantis and have published an article in Shima, contributing to their special issue "Submergence: Atlantis and Related Mythologies". My main research interests are places in Greek mythology and ancient island utopias (e.g. Atlantis, Panchaea). I'm fascinated with islands in general and like reading about maritime folklore and underwater archaeology. I recently submitted a paper to the journal Philomathes and am working on another project and publication; in 2017 I created the Atlantis Wiki.

I have an account at Good Reads, while you can also find me on Quora (I answer questions on Atlantis and Greek myths), Twitter, Tumblr and Facebook (not too active); I sometimes translate ancient Greek at Translatum LSJ. My other interests are gaming and bookbinding and you can see an example of what I handicraft below.

   Dawson, H., Hayward, P., Smith, O. D., Simpson, I., MacKinnon, S. R., et al. (2016). "Submergence: Atlantis and Related Mythologies". Shima: The International Journal of Research into Island Cultures. 10(2): 1-128. URL

Smith, O. D. (2016). "The Atlantis Story: An Authentic Oral Tradition?". Shima: The International Journal of Research into Island Cultures. 10(2): 10-17. PDF  

Smith, O. D. (2013). Atlantis as Sesklo. Roehampton University. BA Diss. URL

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